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Support for Infertility or Pregnancy Loss

Facing infertility or pregnancy loss can be heartbreaking. Its easy to feel isolated, while also struggling with feelings like sadness, grief, confusion, and uncertainty about your future. 

Navigating fertility challenges can be extremely stressful, both personally and in your partnerships. While many women struggle or have struggled with difficulty getting pregnant or a pregnancy loss, it can be hard to talk about. You might feel like you're the only one, or like you have to self-protect to keep from experiencing even more pain as you try process this difficulty with others who may not fully understand.

Counseling and therapy can help you get through the challenges of this time and emerge with greater healing and clarity.

I provide women with the support they need to better manage the difficulties of 

infertility and pregnancy loss. Call me at (860) 339-6515 or click below to talk about how to begin.

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