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Old Saybrook Youth & Family Services: Car Maintenance & Parent Workshop (Local Events)

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I want to let you all know about two great upcoming events hosted by Old Saybrook Youth and Family Services! The first event, Life Skills for Teens: Car Ownership and Maintenance is on Monday, March 5th. What a valuable topic! I wish I'd had this as a teen! Please note that the signed permission slip (linked here) is required. More info is posted below, and you can click here for the flyer on this event..

The second event is a Free Parent Workshop, together with the Early Childhood Council, on Tuesday March 6th 5:30 - 7:00 pm entitled "Celebrating Failure! How every stumble leads your child one step closer to success." Guest speakers are Alicia Farrell, PhD, Old Saybrook-based therapist and speaker, and Heston Sutman, Principal of Goodwin Elementary School. Click here to view the flyer for this event. Babysitting is provided!


Essential Life Skills - March 5th Program is all about Car Ownership & Maintenance

The Car Ownership & Maintenance Class in the Essential Life Skills for Teens Series will take place at Cardone & Daughter in Old Saybrook on Monday, March 5th at 7pm. The class will include hands-on, practical experience, as well as a general overview of car maintenance and ownership considerations. All students are required to provide a signed permission slip, and the registration deadline is 2/28. Don't let your teen miss this unique opportunity!

Attendees will have the unique opportunity of learning from skilled auto technicians at four different stations:

1) Tires: How to check tire pressure and change a tire

2) Fluids: How to check oil levels, figure out what kind of oil you need etc.

3) Wipers: How to fill wiper fluid and replace your wipers

4) Battery: How to jumpstart your car when your battery is dead

And, of course, the technicians will be on hand to answer questions outside of these areas as well!

DATE: Monday, March 5

TIME: 7-8:15pm

LOCATION: Cardone & Daughter, 4 Custom Drive in O.S.

WHO: Shoreline High School Students. Parents are welcome to observe.

COST: Optional $5 Donation




As a therapist and counselor in Old Saybrook, I can't emphasize enough how valuable free, supportive events like this are! It's amazing to have resources in town that support the personal growth of the members of our community. I highly encourage you to consider attending. While it may take some pre-planning, and a departure from the normal schedule, it is always worth it.

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