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Your Happiness: The Power of Romantic Love

How does romantic love impact happiness? It's obvious that the tingles of new and evolving love have a lot to do with our happiness factor, but what we also know is that the existence of long-term romantic relationships plays a large role in overall life satisfaction.

Over the last 30 years, 35,000 Americans were surveyed and 40% of married people said that they were “very happy”, while only 24% of unmarried, divorced, separated, or widowed people said this.

Now, I am sure you’re reflecting on your own married or unmarried state and having lots of thoughts about this. Please try not to over analyze it... AND for goodness sake don’t run out and try to get married.

What we’re still trying to figure out is whether marriage causes happiness (which is the strongest theory), or whether people who are slightly more happy find themselves in marriage. Either way, the relationship between marriage and happiness supports the idea that we’re highly relational creatures. Our health literally rests on our ability to closely share our lives with another, and in marriage, that’s in very close proximity.

Take a moment to consider....

What are the things about your partner you appreciate the most?

When is the last time you've told your partner or expressed appreciation of those things?

What would it be like to tell your partner today what you love most about him/her?

What's your favorite past memory with your partner?

Your favorite life event you're encountering or recent activity you're enjoying together now?

When you look to the future, what do you look forward to the most in your life together?

In what ways can you and your partner take time out to reflect on your journey and the story you're writing as you build your lives together?

What would it be like to take five minutes out of every day to consider or act on one of the above questions? What could this do for you? Your happiness? Your partner? His/her happiness?

.... Stay tuned for next week's happiness post!

Lauren L. Drago, MSEd, LMHC, LPC is the founder of Lauren Drago Therapy in Old Saybrook, CT and in greater CT, NY & PA. She specializes in working with smart, insightful and capable women to overcome stress, anxiety, loss of identity, self-limiting beliefs, perfectionism, marriage strain, and the pressure of "trying to do it all." Lauren has a passion for helping others to achieve the happy, fulfilling, productive, and meaningful life they deserve by changing how they experience and understand their world. She believes that every woman can and should live out her personal definition of her own best life. Click here to schedule your free 15-minute phone consultation. Follow Lauren on Facebook and Twitter, or subscribe to blog updates by typing in your email address on the upper right.

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