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Your Happiness: Powerful Ways to Get and Stay Happier Today

Happiness: the elusive emotion. We all seek it. At times, it can feel plentiful and our lives are overflowing with good cheer and fortune. We can't believe how wonderful things are! And at other times, happiness seems nowhere to be found; everything might seem to be going wrong and you're just plain down in the dumps. So, what's your role in finding the optimal balance? You might be surprised to know that a large part of your happiness is in your control.

It's great news that our choices of how to think and act have the power to hugely impact our life's happiness. Vast research on positive emotion has gathered strong evidence to suggest that there are very specific ways to invest our time and energy that will strongly enhance the fulfillment we feel... And those influences may not all be what you expect.

This series is designed to share and illuminate the easy, powerful ways that you can begin to connect to your happiest life. It's comforting to know that much of what you're about to read is already available to you... it's simply a matter of intentionally tapping in, and carving out the time, space, and frequency to engage with those things that have the ability to take each of your days to a new level of joy.

Lauren L. Drago, MSEd, LMHC, LPC is the founder of Lauren Drago Therapy in Old Saybrook, CT and in greater CT, NY & PA. She specializes in working with smart, insightful and capable women to overcome stress, anxiety, loss of identity, self-limiting beliefs, perfectionism, marriage strain, and the pressure of "trying to do it all." Lauren has a passion for helping others to achieve the happy, fulfilling, productive, and meaningful life they deserve by changing how they experience and understand their world. She believes that every woman can and should live out her personal definition of her own best life. Follow Lauren on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Call (860) 339-6515 for your free initial 15-minute consultation.

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