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"How did I get here!?"

Support for moms who are navigating the tough stuff.

Everyone tells you how lucky you are; how great it is to be a mom.

But privately you're struggling with feeling overwhelmed, unappreciated, and stretched thin.


You can't help but feel like your "situation" is different from other moms. Perhaps your spouse works a lot, travels a lot, or doesn't feel fully present. Most days it feels like you've been left doing it all...

Frankly, you're lonely. What trickles out is a slow simmering resentment, even though its not what you want to show. 

Anxiety keeps you humming along while exhaustion knocks you out at the end of the day.

You worry about your relationship feeling disconnected but you aren't even sure where to start. 

Sometimes you wonder, "What about me?! Is this what I signed up for?"

Few people talk about the real challenges of motherhood. Here, you can get support, a neutral sounding board, and practical guidance to help you better manage all the ups, downs, and in betweens. You, and your children, deserve the best version of you.

I'm here to help you pause the chaos, reconnect to yourself, and find joy. 

Call me at (860) 339-6515 to get started.

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