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Helping all parties make sense of an affair.

The ripple effects of an affair can be both deep and wide.

If you're having an affair, you may wonder how you ever got here. You're doing and feeling things you'd never thought you'd do or feel. You may be struggling with shame, guilt, and fear, while also feeling magnetically pulled toward your affair partner. 

If you're a spouse who is struggling with the revelation of an affair, you're likely feeling  a rollercoaster of fury, sadness, shock, and hurt. Everything you thought you once knew about your life and your spouse has been shattered. Thoughts and images replay on repeat in your head. This betrayal has you trapped in your worst nightmare.


If you're the "third party" in an affair, you may feel both drawn in and lonely at the same time. Confusingly, you bounce between the safety of your love nest and the isolation of being in a relationship with a partner who is not fully available to you; not to mention battling fear of stigma and shame.

All three may be fighting with the question:

"Do I stay or do I go?"

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