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This Pandemic is Your Invitation

This unchosen abyss holds massive possibility and opportunity.

Releasing sexual blocks; practicing fearless self-compassion; healing marital wounds; breaking co-dependency patterns... There's some brave work being done out there; in Old Saybrook, the surrounding shore and valley towns, and across the US. My clients are doing all this and more. I'm so proud, and truly ecstatic, to be a part of their journey. This pandemic hasn't even so much as paused our progress. Instead, it's provided insight and invitation.

This time is a gift. An invitation to lean into what we need the most, should we allow ourselves to give it. The expanse of time and openness of space in our day to day is one we'll likely never be givenagain without deliberate orchestration or choosing.

Cheers to this morning's adventures as I dig out the best exercises and excerpts from some of the most groundbreaking books out there. Ones that have changed my own life and continue to change mine and my clients through our work together.

I invite you to ask yourself, too: What do I truly need the most that I can I give myself during this time? What can I begin to open up to in my life? Get curious about yourself, from the inside out. Begin today. Begin with one minute. The time is yours and the time is now.

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